Tease Me, Snowboard – Nice Try

OK, I’m back in Chamonix and yes, the Calanques is an amazing place to climb. Yeah, yeah, it’s a little polished – OK, it’s a lot polished – but that only means you focus harder on those placements, right? I mean, what’s so bad about trying to edge on a bit of teflon-coated glass when you’re climbing in swimming trunks and you’ve got a beautiful blue Mediterranean sea to fall into?

Anyway, back in the mountains now with a bunch of great ideas for content so stay tuned and hopefully this lovely new teaser from People Creative will keep you occupied while I delete my Inbox. Hang on until the end for the killer bail section.

Question du Jour: why can’t ski vids be more like snowboard vids with less cheesy voiceover and mo’ betta’ soundtrack and bail sections?


3 responses to “Tease Me, Snowboard – Nice Try

  1. Very nice, indeed !
    Got my breakfast stuck with some slams… Mr T., been told about climbing in the Calanques. Did you do the kayak thingy where you go and rent one to go climbing in some god forgotten spot away from the world ?

  2. Hi !
    I find myself staring at the mountains,more often then ever before. I look at lines up there that I rode in the past. I’m making up new ones that I hope I can ride this fourthcoming winter. A straw of chives on a plate becomes a straight line down a powderfield,lines of chocolate sauce on a dessert plate turns into a wicked day of riding the pow-pow in the Lavancher bowl.
    I’m afraid of seeing the doc,I’m sure he instantly will give me the diagnosis of the feared Line Flu. Then he will force me to have the needle in my arm and inject the vaccine needed to halt this overtaking disease.
    I want it,I like it,I’m not gonna have my medecine. I like having the Line Flu running through my viens,poisoning my brain. Growing is the apetite,never feeding the hunger of my restles bodys need.
    Take or give,the Flu is here to stay and give birth to future mountain riders.

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