Chamonix Season Pass 09/10

Mont Blanc Unlimited / Chamonix Le Pass

Mont Blanc Unlimited / Chamonix Le Pass

Compagnie du Mont Blanc have announced lift pass prices for the 2010 season. You’ll notice I made a bit of a table to help make sense of the different offerings. I know, I know … time for me to get a life.

Unsurprisingly there’s been a price increase over last year and while there’s dissension among the ranks – especially from local retailers who are concerned that skier visits will drop this season as a result of the financial meltdown – things aren’t as bad as they would have been thanks to the Mairie who evidently stepped in to prevent a whopping 26% increase over last year’s prices. The originally-planned increase would have made a lift ticket in Chamonix the most expensive in France.

In any case, the price issue is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, none of us wants to pay more for a season pass but on the other, higher lift ticket prices will mean fewer people to battle in Chamonix’s notorious, powder day free-for-all that makes most MMA cage fights look tame in comparison. So while it may cost you a few extra euros we can all thank the CMB for filtering out all but the most hardcore CHX junkies.

Early adapters can take advantage of a 35-40% discount by buying your pass before November 30, a preseason discount that’s both more substantial and available much later than many other ski areas (see Ski Pass 09/10 Pt. 2 – The Best of the Rest). And with the dollar at 1.48 against the euro we can forget about having to endure interminable lift rides with Americans talking smack about how hard they rip back in Tahoe. Thank the Lawd.

Good news on the halfpipe front is that when asked to build a pipe in the valley (which would both increase lift ticket sales and perhaps more importantly, support our community’s future generation of X-Games and Olympic hopefuls), the CMB responded by suggesting the €60,000 needed to build and maintain the pipe should be raised with private funding.

And the answer to your next question is … Sales for Compagnie du Mont Blanc in 2008 were €55.692 million.

Anyway, back to the lift ticket thang. For those unfamiliar with the valley and what the different passes mean, check out Chamonix Snow Report’s excellent pass value analysis based on different skier types.

For ski holidays to Chamonix and other ski holidays in France check out Inghams.


7 responses to “Chamonix Season Pass 09/10

  1. Let the season come !!
    How’s that climax ?? Can’t stand it any more ??
    All about ski porn here!!
    Loving it !!
    Keep feeding the Chx Expats !!

  2. Hey I have one question, either i was reading too fast or i’m bad at searching this site. Is it possible to change the name on a season pass. for example a seasionaire runs out of funds in december and needs to travle to england for the rest of the winter is it possible to sell your season pass on and have the name and picture changed?

    • I’m almost 100% certain that’s a negative. Plenty of seasonaires leave before the end of the season and the market for their passes used to be pretty hot due to the incoming hellmen who want to catch CHX steeps at their best. But that was back when the photo system wasn’t all that functional and crew just kind of packed into the middle of a big mosh and hoped for the best.

      Now that the system has been upgraded it actually seems as though the lifties now take a glance at the screen every so often which drastically reduces the chances of skating through. If it was possible to change names/photos on the pass then clearly there would never have been a need for all the scamming. Then again, I’ve been wrong before. Best to ask Compagnie du Mont Blanc.

  3. Last year you could pay €50 and get the name changed.

  4. Hey,

    Is that a couples pass? Meaning like a girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife?

  5. Concerned of Tunbridge Wells

    Careful what you say about those lift companies amigos, seems like they have the power to take away the magic…

    • Thanks heaps for the warning and the link, which shows astonishingly poor customer service on the part of Durango Mountain Ski Resort and the negative PR that will certainly cost the resort far more than the lady’s $539 (357euros) season pass that got pulled for expressing her opinion. Did you read the vitriolic Comments aimed at DMR management that followed the article?! “IDIOTS”, “Dysfunctional”, “Flagrant incompetence”, “stupidity and arrogance of DMR management”, “arrogance and hubris “, and last but not least, “PR disaster”. This is one of those stories that’s going to spread through the blogosphere like wildfire.

      Management at Durango would have been a lot better off to simply have a friendly meeting with Ms Slaff to explain what are most likely very valid reasons for their policies and take the opportunity to highlight some of their positive initiatives. With a bit of marketing savvy Durango Mountain Resort could have easily turned Ms Slaff from every PR Manager’s worst nightmare into a poster child for the mountain’s good customer service. Opportunity lost.

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