Suffer Well (UTMB remix)

I thought I’d had enough of this silly over-hill-down-dale scamper they call the Ultra Trail but then I saw some vids that did a darn good job of showing what these mentalists go through and so I thought I’d make one last post. But this is it. No more short shorts after this, I promise. Not on men anyway. If they happen to be subtly concealing the svelte hips of some kind of glamazon snow princess well then I guess I could make an exception… UTMB start, sunset, headlamps on. No picnic on the Ultra Trail. Cold, dark, wind, rain – Jornet Kilian at the top of one of the first passes followed by morning fog and finally … sunshine. Kilian crossing the finish. Homey doesn’t even look tired. Second and third place finishers Sébastien Chaigneau and Tsuyoshi Kaburaki still on the trail, looking strong. Story goes that Kaburaki got lost for 20 minutes in the fog before happening upon Chaigneau and finishing the race together.


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