MadCatSkills in Chamonix

Danny MacAskill has made quite a name for himself lately with his mad freestyle mountain bike skills. He pedaled past Col du Montets on his way through Chamonix recently and, fortunately for us, alert reader Michael Devor recorded the action.

After the warmup he started in with the upside down tricks. I mean this guy is seriously good, eh? OK, OK, I couldn’t figure out how to get these right side up and I finally gave up. They’re good enough to put in upside down though so if you’re on a lappy just hold the thing upside down and watch and hopefully I’ll get this figured out before the next one. Any and all ideas on the fix are more than welcome.

When there aren’t big boulders around to bounce around on, Danny makes the most out of fences, trees, staircases, traffic barriers and basically any other architectural feature he spots. Check out more of Danny’s skills in this remarkable vid.


One response to “MadCatSkills in Chamonix

  1. Yeah Mic! Way to be alert, man! Some mad skills on the MTB for sure.

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