Völkl to Try Dalbello on For Size

Starting January 1, 2010, Völkl and Marker will end their long relationship with Tecnica and begin collaborating with Dalbello. The international agreement will focus initially on joint distribution in several major markets. The brands will also work together in R&D, product development, marketing and promotion.

Dr. Christoph Bronder, President of the Marker Völkl Group and Alessandro Dal Bello, Founder and President of Calzaturificio Dal Bello.

Dr. Christoph Bronder, President of the Marker Völkl Group and Alessandro Dal Bello, Founder and President of Calzaturificio Dal Bello.

Calzaturificio Dal Bello s.r.l., still run by founder Alessandro Dal Bello, has been building ski boots for 35 years. The brand has developed a reputation for quality freeski boots and has seen unusual success here in Chamonix due in part to Glen Plake’s influence on the brand as well as big support from the crew at Falline Bootfitters Extraordinaire.

Kai Palkeinen of Fallline told us, “Dalbello has been making a great product for years. The partnership, as far as it stands now, is primarily at a distribution level. I think that there will be a few speed bumps along the way but not anything that will have a major impact at a consumer level. At the end of the day, Dalbello makes a great product that fits and skis well. That’s not going to change. Moving forward, I only see the potential for good things. Brand awareness, R&D and being aligned with a major player in the ski world will only open doors for both brands. Let’s wait and see.”

Völkl International is owned by K2 Sports, which is owned by Jarden Corp. Most Völkl skis are made at their factory in Germany with some models produced at K2’s Shakespeare factory in China.

It’s important to note that Dalbello have not been bought by Völkl, K2 Sports or Jarden Corp. Dalbello remains independently owned.

The deal will happen as Völkl and Tecnica’s current distribution agreement ends at the end of 2009 and the Tecnica Group will bundle its distribution with an unnamed ski brand. Hmmm, seeing as how Tecnica owns both Nordica and Blizzard, it’s a pretty safe bet that the unnamed ski brand won’t be Atomic.

In any case, those who care about little more than when the next dump will hit and how deep it will be will see very little difference, except perhaps for an increased Dalbello presence as it steps up for a ride on Völkl’s powerful marketing machine.


6 responses to “Völkl to Try Dalbello on For Size

  1. I had no idea Volkl were owned by K2 Sports, who in turn were owned by anothe holding company. That Jarden Corp must be huge!

    • Huge is right. Jarden Corp (JAH) total revenue as of Dec 31, 2008 was $5.38 billion. Market cap as of Aug 19, 2009 is a little over $2 billion. Shares trading today at $23.44 after a 52-week low of $7.20 on Nov 21, 2008. Looks like I missed that boat.

  2. actually k2 sports never bought voelkl. it was k2 sport´s mother company K2 INC back then. K2 Inc. was then purchased by Jarden sometime in 2008. it´s all just monopoly up there. making shareholders happy haha

    • Thanks for the clarification. Gotta admit I’ve always been confused about the whole K2 Sports / K2 Inc thing. One thing I’ve never been confused about however is that the crew at K2 make really fun skis and they know how to throw a raging party. It may be all corporate at the top but over in Seattle and Garmisch they’re keeping it real.

  3. K2 makes skis in CHINA and advertises that they are an American brand… THEY SUCK!

    • Yo Hater, I live in EUROPE and I call myself an American. I guess I SUCK, TOO.

      Then again I’d rather focus more on powder turns and less on marketing hype. But that’s just me: Poseur Americano. lol

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