POC on the Bloc

Picture 1

graphic design: ToToyaWithLove@yahoo.se

Hell yeah, Chamonix is a two-wheeled town. A quick spin through the streets and you’ll see everything from mountain bikes worth more than any car I’ve ever owned to punk BMXers to super-tech road racers to an eclectic array of coffee bikes (not to be confused with cafe racers). So when I say the CHX Massif is rollin large, yo, it really has nothing to do with any sort of gangsta activity at all (we could use a lot less o’ that actually), it’s all about the bikes, man.

So it’s nothing but hearts and flowers from our end when we hear about a new bike event in town. Seems as though new kids on the block, POC – the brand who not only brought high design to our high street but who also share our fanatical enthusiasm for bikes – have decided to throw a bit of a freewheelin’ fiesta in front of the shop.

This Thursday, 30 July, is going to be Magic. Magic as in, they’ll be building a big, magical ramp in front of the store that pro riders Remy Meugnier, Florian Gabit and the silky smooth sweet3tablemartinMartin Söderström will use to magically change themselves from surly, angst-ridden, disaffected youth into super-talented, high-flying stuntmen. Spoonbread and DJ Blo are going to be spinning their own kinda funkytown magic and there’s going to be wheelie and ollie competitions open to anyone with the self-perceived skills to enter. If all that doesn’t blow your hair back then you can watch the latest and greatest action sports vids on the big magic screen. Man, the POC crew have thought of everything (except, tragically, a ping pong table).

But for sure the best thing about this whole phat tire fandango is how local retailers have rallied around the event by donating prizes to be raffled off with all proceeds going to Wheels 4 Life, a non-profit organization set up by legendary rider Hans Rey that provides bikes for people in developing countries.

So big ol’ high-flyin’ doubkle shakas to POC’s Toya and Malin from the valley’s two-wheeled tribe. We’ll be hosing off the mud and polishing up the chrome in preparation for Thursday.



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