Call of the Yeti

Many of you might have noticed quite the flurry NickMeekYetiof yeti activity in and around Chamonix recently. Whether it’s the result of all those pesky tourists infringing on their natural habitat or the sudden and cataclysmic fermeture of the alpine slide that has caused the shy but fun-loving man beasts to venture further afield remains to be seen. Whatever the case, noted yeti groupie, Nick Meek, is hard at work on his soon-to-be-published book, Call of the Yeti, featuring photo documentation of the rare beast.

I’m making it into an interesting little art piece actually. It’s going to feel like something you might find in the vaults of the British Museum. There’ll be a story about a fictitious explorer that has been tracking the yeti for years. [The medium is] hot metal printed on old bible paper. The entire thing will be in an old folder tied together with an old piece of twine. We should have it finished in a couple of months.

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2 responses to “Call of the Yeti

  1. I saw a yeti once in the middle of Chamonix late at night.

  2. Y’know, come to mention it, when I lived up in Les Bois I’d sometimes hear an eerie, sort of whining howl whenever there was ground fog in the early morning in the spring. Just reckoned it was a chorus of marmots…

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