X-treme Armchair Adventuring

Picture11Wanna surf monster waves in Africa? Kayak extreme rivers? Speed fly from the summit of Aconcagua? Yeah, I do too but it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. So why not give the next best thing a shot and check out the best in this year’s adventure films at the first annual Adventure Film Chamonix. The event – July 15 & 16 from 19:00–22:30 at Le Majestic – will feature independent films showcasing each of these adventures and more.

Adventure Film Chamonix is an international stage for independent adventure film makers whose works embrace the roots of human experience, the power of emotion and story, and the importance of maintaining an environmentally conscious outlook. Each year an international selection committee handpicks the new lineup from over 200 submissions to present the best in films about risk, the unknown, and those experiences that will bring us to the edge of our seats with our hands over our eyes and our fists in the air.

This year’s films include:


Lift – extreme paragliding. 28 min.

Seasons – the latest in mtn biking from The Collective. (60 min.)

Andy Parkin: A Life in Adaptation – ’nuff said. (28 min)

Fridays at the Farmorganic farming. (19 min)

Get Up Stand Up – surfing, kayaking, water sports (5 min)


Sourcewhitewater kayaking. (60 min)

Sliding Liberia – surfing (48 min)

The Sharp End – climbing (60 min)

Aconcagua Speed Flying – holy smokes! (6 min)

Running Down the Man – fly fishing (15 min)

Adventure Film Chamonix Tickets are €10/day or €15 for both days and will be available in advance. Food and drinks available during the show with after parties at MBC on Wednesday and Le Vert on Thrusday. Check www.AdventureFilm.org to learn more.

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