ENSA Class 2009 Represent!


Big shout out to the 53 men and one woman who, on June 27, received their hard-earned High Mountain Guide diplomas from ENSA (Ecole Nationale de Ski et Alpinism). Among the crowd were some well-known names including Christophe Dumarest (4x nominee for the Crystal FFME), Lionel Albrieux (new commandant of the Group Militaire de Haute Montagne) and Vincent François (PGHM rescuer).

The class of 2009 also includes Geoffroy Arvis, Alexandre Auchecorne, Gilles Baudry, Pascal Bellin, Thomas Berges, Sara Berthelot, Eric Biancarelli, Laurent Bibollet, Thomas Boillot, Nicolas Bonnet, Ollivier Bres, Sébastien Cazorla, Mathieu Cesarano, Hugues Chardonnet, François Chollet, Bruno Cobus, Michel Coranotte, Cyril Cottaz, Emmanuel Dubost, Paul-Philippe Dudas, Cyril Dupeyré, Julien Dusserre, Nicolas Faure, Nicolas Feraud, Basile Ferran, Odillon Ferran, Patrice Flesch, Pierre Gaillard, Olivier Gandy, Benoît Garoute, Antoine Groleau, Roland Higuera, Mikaël Jacquet, Laurent Labudigue, Jean-Nicolas Louis, Guillaume Lucazeau, Nicolas Magisson, Benjamin Maire, Frédéric Marcellin, Mason Peter, Eric Monnier, David Moratille, Jérôme Para, Laurent Perquis, Thomas Pietrzyk, Jean-François Reffet, Vincent Rovel, Pierre Soba, François-Régis Thevenet, Sébastien Thiollier, Stéphane Visentin.

In his opening address, Pierre Oudot, Director of ENSA, announced a new training curriculum that would be introduced in the next year. Reportedly, the new program has not been met favorably by ENSA’s ski branch. But enough politics. Congrat to the 54 new graduates – respect!

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